the first of many

I have my first interview scheduled for tomorrow at 11:30. I’m feeling prepared as I have written out a bunch of questions, bought lots of extra batteries for my recorder, and I have all my release forms printed. I also will be using my iphone as a back up recorder as my biggest fear right now is that I will finish an interview and find that my recorder (or more likely my operating skills) malfunctioned. 

I will be sure to write about how it went and maybe post a photo or two so check back soon for an update! I want to thank everyone for keeping up on my blog. I have gotten so many views and some really nice comments (excluding whoever commented about the paella that gave me food poisoning during my trip to Granada haha). 

Sending my love from Sevilla!


A Big Step

A Big Step

A Big Step

I have exciting news! After reading a few articles by the same Professor at the University of Granada, I decided to reach out to him by email and see if he had any information for me. He responded to me in mere minutes, telling me that he is writing a book about some similar topics and that he has a lot of information to send my way, including leads for interviews in a small town outside of Granada.

I am so excited about this because, while I have two interviews secured here in Sevilla, I am not totally confident in what I can find out from them as far as first hand experience. This professor will also be great for providing me with reliable background information on the cultural and socioeconomic factors that were affecting Andalusia during los Años del Hambre (1939-1951).

I’ll update again soon, maybe with news about a trip to Granada!

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