trabajo, trabajo, trabajo

Yesterday was my first day in Sevilla. I decided I needed a day to reacquaint myself with this city that I love so much so (after waking up at 4 AM due to some crazy jet lag) I met up with a family friend who happened to be visiting for the day and visited the famous Sevilla Cathedral, the Royal Alcazar, and Plaza de España. It was a great way to adjust to being back in Spain. 

Today I am getting down to business. I’ve started drafting a release form for everyone I interview to sign. This form will allow me to write about their ideas, quote them, and even give me permission to include photos of my interviewees in my thesis. 

I also am starting work on drafting questions. I think an interview always goes best when the interviewer is well prepared and knows how to keep the interview going in the right direction. 

Hopefully I get a lot done today and can start searching for people to interview tomorrow and over the weekend. 

hasta pronto y un abrazo grande a todos!


comments? questions? suggestions?

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